Meet The Band

The Three Brains is a new band who got their name from the drummer's mum, a neuroscientist. 'Three brains?' they said to her. 'But I thought everybody only has one brain?' These 'three brains' are your gut, your heart and your actual brain. The gut and heart don't 'think' like a true brain does, but they contain cells (neurons) found in the brain; these cells 'talk' to each other via the vagus nerve that connects the three 'brains'. They play a role in our mind-body connection. Our physical and emotional health are connected. If the mind-body connection is healthy, people tend to be able to manage relationships better.

Brain on Guitar

In our heads, the brain controls our every thought, making sense of the world through emotions, memory and senses. It contains billions of neurons.
Mental health
Improve mental health through talking about feelings, exercise, eating well, keeping in touch with friends, taking a break, and having a creative hobby.

Breathe stress away

Heart on Drums

The heart sits between our lungs, pumping blood around the body. As we experience feelings like anger, frustration, anxiety and insecurity, this can affect heart rate.
Physical Health
Avoid over-eating; drink water; exercise; limit alcohol and avoid tobacco; try to reduce the time you spend sitting down; get plenty of sleep.

Tap stress away

Gut on Bass

The gut, which includes your stomach and intestines, digests food. It's our 'second brain', containing over 100 million neurons. The gut-brain connection is linked with anxiety and depression; through it we can feel emotion as distress in our tummy, that 'gut feeling' linked to 'fight or flight'.
Gut health
Lower your stress levels, sleep well, exercise and eat a healthy diet (vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and yoghurt).

Walk stress away

Go to the gig and experience the impact each band member brings