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Headline Statistics - National Survey 2023

My family argues every week

39% of young people say that conflict happens at home at least weekly.

I need someone to talk to

68% of young people would like more support to address conflict at home from outside their family or friends.

Mental Health

51% acknowledged that arguments at home affected their mental health, and for some the effects were severe.

We argue every week

62% of parents/carers are involved in disagreements/arguments with their teenagers/young people weekly.

Mental Health

70% of parents/carers acknowledged arguments at home affected their mental health, and for some the effects were severe.

Support to address conflict at home

84% of parents/carers said they would like more support to come from outside the family.

Working with families

97% of practitioners agreed that conflict was a regular occurrence for families they worked with.

Homelessness and sofa surfing

70% stated that homelessness/sofa surfing was frequently experienced by the young people they work with.

Feeling unskilled

38% of practitioners did not have the necessary knowledge/skills to address conflict with families they worked with.

Statistics taken from SCCR 2023 National Survey.


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