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If you're a young person experiencing conflict at home, we're here for you.

What are you arguing about?

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Did you know 19% of young people think about leaving home due to arguments at least on a monthly basis.

Before mediation the arguments were almost disastrous. There was never a good outcome of any arguments. It would start of over something silly and then it would just escalate.

SAM, 16

Truthfully when I heard about [mediation] I think I met with one of the workers and she was talking about it and I was like “this isn’t gonna work!” …I thought it was a bit of a storytelling thing y’know it didn’t sound like it was my cuppa tea.

RYAN, 15

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Talking About Conflict

Sam’s story
How mediation helped us, Kerry and Sam’s story
How we approach a mediation

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    Conflict can arise when there are disagreements over: views, values or actions and interests or needs are not being met. Conflict can also be an opportunity for change. The SCCR offers a range of conflict resolution training options.

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