Connections & Bridging the Divide

Our international events bring together speakers, film makers, writers and artists from around the world in response to the growing need for connection, understanding, kindness and compassion this year more than ever.

Screening of Nae Pasaran and Q&A

We are honoured that the digital festival will commence with a film screening of ‘Nae Pasaran’. This 2018 documentary is directed, written and produced by Felipe Bustos Sierra. He is a BAFTA-winning filmmaker and creative director at Debasers, a production company based in Glasgow.

Felipe Bustos Sierra

Debasers Filums

Film maker/Producer

I know how I feel but what do I do?

Join us as we explore 5 different emotional states using one of the SCCR’s digital resources. We will discuss a range of options available to us all to enable us to gain a broader perspective and harness our emotions to conquer conflict.

Andrew Boyd/Abbey Krause

Cyrenians SCCR/Cyrenians


Strengthening the relationship between you & your teen

Understanding the adolescent brain can help adolescents and their important adults make sense of behaviours and challenges that are often kindling for conflict and confusion. This understanding can help us support our teens, strengthen our relationships with them, increase our influence, and reduce conflict.

Karen Young

Hey Sigmund

Psychologist and Founder of Hey Sigmund


What is “connectedness” in a relationship, what makes relationships meaningful, these are questions that can be hard to define, if at all, “it’s just a feeling”. This session aims to explore what makes people feel connected in a (personal, social or professional) relationship and encourage you to come along with your own thoughts on what connectedness means to you.

Duncan Gordon

Cyrenians SCCR


Permission to feel

"Such a familiar question but how often do we actually expect, seek or indeed offer an honest reply. It’s not always easy to answer this question and that can be for a whole variety of reasons. In this workshop we explore Professor Marc Brackett’s system RULER for understanding and mastering emotions. We bring you permission to feel and a toolkit for doing this in life, family and work. "

Sarah Philp/Drew Drummond

Drummond International/Drummond International


Youth Homelessness: The past, the present & the future

This event to mark World Homeless Day will be a panel featuring guests from Cyrenians, The Rock Trust, A Way Home Scotland and A Way Home Canada. The past, present and future of youth homelessness will be discussed and the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on this in both Scotland and Canada.

Kerry Watson/Andy Murdoch

Cyrenians/Rock Trust

Service Manager/Co-ordinator of the early intervention partnership

Peace-making in a world of conflict

Ewan will be speaking with Alison Phipp and colleagues about her work with people seeking sanctuary around the world, and ways she has found, through learning with communities, of turning differences into something to celebrate.

Ewan Aitken/Alison Phipps


Cyrenians CEO/Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies UNESCO

Tap out your temper through martial arts

Anger and resentment can rob us of our happiness and ability to live our greatest life, leaving us tired and emotionally drained. Learn how to move past anger to success through martial arts. You don’t need to be a martial artist to take advantage of the techniques used for centuries to build a stronger mind and spirit.

Raz Chan

White Belt Warriors

Motivational Speaker/Author

The Understanding Method of Mediation

The world renowned Gary Friedman of the New York Center for Understanding in Conflict - will be interviewed during this event. Over decades across the United States, Europe and Israel, Gary has trained lawyers, law professors, judges, and psychotherapists in the Center’s method of mediation and a mediative approach to lawyering and collaborative practice.

Stephen O'Rourke/Gary Friedman

Faculty of Advocates/Co-founder and director of The Center for Understanding in Conflict, California


10 'Secrets' of stronger relationships

Ever wanted to improve a relationship? Family therapist, Karen Holford, shares ten simple ways you can strengthen almost any relationship.

Karen Holford

Self employed

Family Therapist

Nurturing Wellbeing

In this workshop, we will explore the principles of Renfrewshire’s nurturing relationships approach as well as innovative developments in engaging positively when conflict arises.

Gordon McKinlay

Renfrewshire Council

Heads of Schools, Renfrewshire

Phases of Transition

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