The Power of Reconnection

After a year-plus of Covid and various lockdowns, people are feeling the need to reconnect more than ever. As we begin to leave our homes and return to our workplaces, as we begin to see friends and family and rediscover the joys of simple activities we took for granted, we find ourselves arriving at a moment of opportunity and reflection.

Closing Concert: An Emotive Ensemble

Thursday, 28 October, 7pm

First heard at our 'Symphony of Stories' event in June 2020, we broadcast once more this pre-recorded closing concert where we were joined by talented Scottish musicians. Attendees were provided with an experience of music that promoted reflection. We encouraged listeners to enjoy a journey of music in a space that encouraged relaxation - whether indoors or outdoors, at home or somewhere people found a friendly environment.

Sian/Kinnaris Quintet/Iona Fyfe/Heal & Harrow

///Pre-recorded concert

///An emotional journey of reflection

Building Relationships That Protect and Heal

Monday, 11 October, 10am

This event is with Karen Young, Neurodevelopment Educator and author of the Hey Sigmund website. We are thrilled to have Karen join us again all the way from Australia after she spoke at our 2020 online international conference. This session will explore how attachment relationships are both healing and protective for children and teens. As part of this workshop we will explore the power of attachment relationships and ways to build relationships that protect and heal. The event will be followed by a Q&A.

Karen Young

Hey Sigmund

Neurodevelopment Educator

A Different Normal – 'Reconnection' workshop

Tuesday 19 October, 10am

Duncan Gordon, Trainer, and Andrew Boyd, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Advisor from Cyrenians Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution, ran this interactive workshop. This workshop explored how it feels to reconnect when we return to a different 'normal'. How do we manage this reconnection and the opportunities and challenges that come with it? The workshop included activities, a chance for discussion and finished with a Q&A from our facilitators.

Duncan Gordon/Andrew Boyd

Cyrenians Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution/

Trainer/Mediation and Conflict Resolution Advisor

Shining a Light on the Invisible

Friday 15 October, 11am

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Adam Burley explored the importance of human connection when we have had so much enforced disconnection. He looked at how for some of the most excluded in society experiencing relational disconnection did not begin with Covid-19, but has often been a lifelong experience. The session included a Q& A with our audience following his address.

Dr Adam Burley

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Reconnecting Mediation and Emotional Intelligence

Tuesday 12 October, 10am

Ruth Unsworth, Head of Mediation and Wellbeing at the University of St Andrews and guest host Dr Vanessa Collingridge discussed some of the costs and causes of and responses to conflict. They considered how new developments in emotional intelligence can help anyone in conflict. Unsworth shared her experience of developing the University of St Andrews Mediation Service.

Ruth Unsworth

University of St Andrews

Head of Mediation and Wellbeing at the University of St Andrews

Bringing Light to Find Each Other in the Darkness

Thursday 28 October, 10am

This interactive workshop, run by Cyrenians Mediation and Support Service and Focus Ireland, facilitated a discussion with experienced mediators and asked how we can shed light on seemingly dark situations. What do we mean when we say we use listening, understanding and hope in what can feel like very complex situations to help families reconnect?

Focus Ireland

Non-profit organisation

Works with the homeless and those at risk of homelessness

Young peoples' experience, the pandemic and life chances

Thursday 21 October, 1.30pm

Director of Health Jo Bibby leads the The Health Foundation’s strategy to create the opportunities for everyone to lead a healthy life. She worked in health at local and national level for 25 years, including ten years at the Department of Health. Jo is a trustee at the Centre for Homelessness Impact and a non-executive director at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. This event included a Q&A with our audience.

Jo Bibby

The Health Foundation

Director of Health

Power of the Heart: A Conversation with Alan Spence

Wednesday 13 October, 12pm

Award-winning poet, novelist and playwright Alan Spence (It's Colours, They Are Fine, The Magic Flute, Way To Go, Glasgow Zen) was joined in conversation by guest host Colin Waters, SCCR Digital Media and Content Manager. The former Edinburgh Makar discussed creativity, peace, and meditation, and read from his own work and others on the theme of 'reconnection'. The event included a Q&A.

Alan Spence

Poet, playwright, novelist

Former Edinburgh Makar

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