The Science Behind Conflict and the Brain

The free national conference at Glasgow Science Centre explored the science behind conflict and the brain, why we act and react the way we do and how to maintain the best balance to keep ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.


Support staff stats 2019


  • 100% agreed/strongly agreed the SCCR digital resources will benefit the young people and families they work with.
  • 100% would recommend the SCCR to other staff or agencies.
  • 92% agreed/strongly agreed the event increased their ability to support families to manage conflict.

Young people stats 2019


  • 79% felt that what they’d learned at the event will help them when trying to resolve conflict.
  • 81% felt that they were now more able to deal with conflict in a positive and managed way.
  • 85% have a better understanding of what conflict is.


"I've never met a human being who hasn't flipped their lid"

"I got lion tamer, I feel as though this is true for me as my lid is starting to go and I feel my emotions building but my thinking brain stays in control, also I can see another side to things most of the time, I just have to take deep breaths."

Young Person Delegate

"All my emotions kind of come out at once"

"I thought the quiz was really interesting to see how everyone handled situations, I didn’t expect the result I got but once reading about it I realised that it is how I would react in a tough situation."

Young Person Delegate


"Very effective and well thought through resources"

“Beneficial to learn about, opened my eyes to the way our brain works depending on the environment that we are in or how our mood can alter our mind-set.”

Gordon McKinlay

Renfrewshire Council

Head of Schools

"I'm a Monkey Genius"

“I felt as if the exercise was interesting - for example finding out what brain types there were and how what relates back on how you deal with these conflicts. I felt as if it helped me understand more about the way my mind functions during certain situations."

Young Person Delegate

This is an incredibly useful event for young people and the adults supporting them. It was engaging, energetic and valuable. It was great to listen to James Docherty and Dr Sara Watkin again. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to work with SCCR again. Thank you very much.


Following this event I plan to use the digital resources and materials to help young people I work with. I will get them to take the quizzes to better understand themselves.


This was a really enjoyable event, it introduces young people to something that is critical in their emotional development, should be rolled out nationwide!


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