A Course of Mediation

The SCCR is running a new course on mediation recently accredited by Scottish Mediation. Want to learn more?

Mediation is a way to return balance to relationships where disagreement threatens to upset them. An impartial mediator can help those who enter the process of mediation find a solution to their disagreements that all parties can agree to.

A mediator can be involved in a variety of disputes, from damaging family fall-outs to workplace disagreements. Mediators play a valuable and rewarding role. While some people are natural peacemakers, to become a recognised mediator, you need training – which is where the SCCR comes in.

We are delighted that a new four-day mediation course, devised and run by our mediator Andrew Boyd, has been accredited by Scottish Mediation. Andrew will lead the course supported by several co-facilitators. We hope to run this course three to four times a year, and will soon be advertising the next round, so if you’re interested in joining the course, keep an eye on our website and social media.

Over four days, the course will cover the use of questioning, summarising and reframing to break impasses; best-case and worst-case scenarios and highlighting progress; and case-studies and break-out groups studying mediation roleplay. Feedback is encouraged, while participants and their views are respected and valued regardless of their knowledge and experience of mediation.

Ultimately, the course helps those who take part to consider the practicalities of mediation and how it may work in practice. With a little humour and anecdotal stories, the course illuminates its subject by putting it into context.

Here is just a few of the comments we received after running the first course:

  • ‘I found the pace and delivery suited my learning style which made the experience more enjoyable. The content was very relevant and allowed me to reflect on my existing knowledge and skills.’
  • ‘Great training! I feel that I have increased my knowledge and skills around the mediation process and factors that should be considered.’
  • ‘Learning alongside ‘veteran’ and highly experienced mediators was a brilliant experience, and seeing them mediate was hugely informative. Their reflections were also really interesting and valuable.’
  • ‘I think the skills sharing was of particular value as a really great way to learn to modulate your approach in real time and feel the emotions of disagreements and try to move through them.’

There is a fee for the course which provides access as well as a handbook and handouts and prior learning materials. Keep an eye, as we say, on our website and social media if you’re interested in enrolling on a future SCCR mediation training course.