Keep the Heid: A young person’s reflection on taming the beast of anger

12 Nov 2020 By Aidan (young person)

I am a Lion Tamer!

I took the ‘Keep the Heid’ Quiz this morning and found out some useful facts about how I deal with conflicts. A Lion Tamer is described as someone who feels their emotions building up but their thinking brain stays in control. Most of the time I can see another side to things. My technique of taming the beast and keeping the heid is taking a moment to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and that they might not intend to annoy me.

I am 12 years old. I remember as a younger child around the age of 4 I used to get frustrated and angry quite a bit. I didn’t know at that time how to express myself. It would seem as if by magic my mum could read my mind because she would describe how I felt inside. When hearing your own feelings being accurately described I felt understood. This is called empathy and it is one way to tame the beast.

The SCCR website is interactive and easy to understand. The ‘Keep the Heid’ Quiz takes real life examples and connects that to how our brain works.