Only Connect - British Science Week 2023 and the SCCR

British Science Week is almost upon us - and the SCCR are heading to East Lothian to 'connect' with locals. Find out more!

Long-term SCCR-watchers will already know that the nub of the SCCR’s work is based on science, particularly what we call ‘the science of conflict’. Next week the SCCR will be taking part in British Science Week (10-19 March). The SCCR will participate in a series of events in East Lothian exploring BSW 2023’s theme of ‘Connection’.

Across British Science Week, people in East Lothian taking part will have the opportunity to eat or make food or exercise while learning more about ‘the science of conflict’. Starting Monday (13/3), we’ll be in East Lothian to work with local groups, such as the Pennypit Community Development Trust and Heavy Sound, both of whom support health and wellbeing and improve people’s lives.

What about the ‘connection’ theme? Well, again, SCCR-watchers will remember that last summer we launched our digital resource The Three Brains, which brings together music, science, film, and illustrations for a quirky, entertaining look at the mind-body connection.

Our mind-body connection is how the head, heart and gut work together to process how to react to the world around us. Our physical and mental health are connected and affect our emotions – with the reverse true too. A better understanding of the mind-body connection can lead to a better understanding of how to control your emotions, and so reduce conflict within the home.

The science of conflict refers to knowledge about how the brain and body work when under stress, how neuro-chemicals released into the brain can affect mood, and how trauma suffered in childhood can affect behaviour.

The SCCR believes that sharing knowledge about the science can take some of the heat out of conflict by reminding young people and their parents or carers that arguments are actually a normal part of the developmental cycle, and that there are techniques to use that prevent escalation, repetition, and lasting damage to relationships.

The SCCR team will be present at the events listed below, to talk about The Three Brains and the mind-body connection, how family members can connect better, and how that in turn fosters stronger community connections.

  • 13 March: Pennypit Community Development Trust, Family Cooking
  • 14 March: Granton, Walk ‘n’ Talk with FACENorth
  • 16 March: Fa’side, Community Kitchen
  • 17 March: Cockenzie, Heavy Sound

Watch our social media for updates of how we got on.