The Three Brains Playlist

Our recent project The Three Brains used music and a band to dramatise the mind-body connection. Learn more and check out our most recent Three Brains playlist.

Music, as a wise man once put it, is the food of love. And conflict resolution?

Our recent project The Three Brains used music and a band to dramatise the mind-body connection. To summarise: if your mind-body connection isn’t healthy, if we aren’t in sync with ourselves or our mind, physical and gut health are neglected, we’ll feel out of sorts without ourselves. In this state, we can make poor decisions that fray our relationships.

One of the delights of working on The Three Brains has been taking it out to groups of young people and professionals and practitioners who work with young people. One of our most recent sessions took place at Children in Scotland’s recent conference. On its second day, our trainers Duncan and Andrew asked participants to choose feel good songs or songs that relaxed them as part of a conversation about the role music can play in mood regulation.

Music makes an excellent introduction to the concept of mood regulation. We’re all familiar with putting a song on to cheer us up or get us in the mood for a gym workout or if we’re feeling sad, we can put on a song that can express better than we can how we feel.

We characterised the three key parts of the mind-body connection – the brain, heart and gut – as band members. A band works well as a metaphor as just like a band, the parts of your mind-body connection – those three brains – have to be in harmony with each other to work; also, in the way that musicians have to practice their whole life if they want to remain good, we have to work on our mind-body connection to keep it in good shape.

The songs suggested by the Children in Scotland conference participants run from cheerful to mellow, and can be heard at the link below if you’re on Spotify.

We’ve got everything from the Beatles to Beyonce. Have a listen and if you want to know more about The Three Brains, the mind-body connection, and how music factors into this, click here. Otherwise, happy listening!

If the Spotify player doesn't appear on this page, click here to listen to the SCCR's Children in Scotland conference / Three Brains playlist.