Parents and Carers

Tough as family life can be, help is available. Parents and carers can learn the coping mechanisms to defuse conflicts before they get out of hand. Our training allows parents and carers to better manage the different phases young people growing up go through.

Below, you will find helpful material that throws light on how conflict happens and what you can do to head it off or bring it to an end.

[The training was] well delivered, clear information, easy to understand and interesting content which I will apply in my family life.

Over 50% of parents and/or carers would like to deal with arguments/disagreements at home differently.

Ideas for how to cope with anger and distress.

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The sources of anger originate from our physiological (biology), cognitive (thinking) and behavioural (physical) states.

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Things you can try that will help you deal with arguments and prevent things from getting worse.

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When you feel overwhelmed, your mind and body are disconnected. Breathing helps them synch and restores calm. This short video shows a simple breathing exercise.